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A surgeon’s biggest fear is a surprise in the Operating Room

Advanced surgical procedures require diligent planning and preparation, and can be limited by current medical imaging. Surgeons must visualize anatomy on a two-dimensional screen even though they are preparing for surgeries that are three-dimensional. With complex fracture cases and defects, there 

is no such thing as cookie cutter anatomy. Leaving these issues unaddressed can lead to longer time in the Operating Room, along with the possibility of not having the appropriate instrumentation to complete the procedure.

Our solutions include:

  • Patient-specific surgical modeling
  • Educational and training modeling
  • Custom cutting guides
  • Bronchoscopy modeling

Our patient specific models offer surgeons the chance to hold their patient’s anatomy in their hands as they prepare for their procedures, and feel the problem in a three dimensional model. Having this model prior to surgery provides the opportunity to eliminate unknowns under anesthesia. Additionally, both surgeon and staff can manipulate these models to test implant placement as well as various other surgical rehearsal procedures.


Efficient, Effective Process

Once we receive a scan, our engineers can convert it through a proprietary process into a printable file, specific to 100 microns. We can create patient specific reference models or cutting models, making surgeon’s movements even more precise than they already are, and guaranteed delivery in 7 days or less.

Whether a surgeon is looking for a pre-op model for a simple osteochondral defect or a complex multi-fragment trauma case, we can create a unique model that is a perfect solution for both surgeon and patient.

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