Medium Airway Trainer


Medium Airway Trainer (MD-E-0001M)

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Med Dimensions is proud to offer 3 size variations of our full trachea and airway model to veterinarians and associated institutions. This product is a fully functional 3D printed model, fully capable of various scoping procedures, including bronchoscopy. It is derived from an airway CT scan of a real canine, and useful for teaching new veterinarians.

Product Overview

This product comes in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large. The small version is equivalent to the airway of a small dog and a cat. The medium is the size of a golden retriever, and the large version the size of a great dane. All of these sizes have unlimited use, barring no irresponsible treatment of the product from the user.

Because this product is designed from real CT scans, the model is an exact representation of real anatomy. The material used is a form of plastic that mimics the feel of a real airway and trachea. The durability of the product allows for near unlimited use. Students can learn pathology and new procedures in a real airway, without the need to store a cadaver.

Material is a blend of several plastics, sourced from the USA, and modified to an anatomy like feel through in-house additive manufacturing.

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