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Med Dimensions turns your two dimensional problems into three dimensional solutions for education and surgical applications. We build educational trainers, pre-operative models, and patient specific surgical cutting guides for multiple orthopedic procedures via CT scans.

Taking the Uncertainty Out of Surgery

By taking patient specific medical images and transforming them into three dimensional models and tools, we save you time and money while operating. Our teaching models are built to mimic real life anatomy and pathology, making the transition from the classroom to the operating room simple.

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Share your DICOM or utilize our secure upload portal to send us a copy of your study.


Work with our dedicated experts to get exactly what you need. Don’t worry, exceptional models don’t always mean a high price

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We’re upfront about pricing and timeframes for your order. As soon as we receive your confirmation, we begin manufacturing.

Ship to You

We test our models extensively to ensure your model is made to your specifications. Unsatisfied? We will refund your purchase.

Committed to You

Med Dimensions is committed to providing high quality three dimensional products for all clinicians, at a fair price. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, by people earning good wages in healthy conditions.

Why Choose Med Dimensions?

Dr. Lauren Deahl


I recently worked with Med Dimensions to create two bone models to plan correction for a distal radial varus deformity in a young lab mix and a tibial angular limb deformity secondary to a previous fracture repair in a young Newfoundland. Obtaining bone models was extremely helpful and allowed for planning of the correction, appropriate implant selection and training of residents. The models were very high quality, accurate and delivery was prompt. The quality of the material was easy to cut and manipulate. The team was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.

Dr. Andrew Jackson


Working with the Med-Dimensions team was wonderful. Correspondence was quick, easy and punctual. The models were of excellent quality and the guides were also of excellent quality. I will definitely be working with the team again and would definitely recommend this team to any other surgeon.

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