Educational Modeling

Educating the next generation of veterinarians is crucial to the overall health of our pets and animals. “See one, do one, teach one” provides some real experience for students and new clinicians, but can be a slow process and limits exposure.

Med Dimensions takes real anatomy and pathology and transforms it into a three dimensional model for any type of procedure in any specialty.

From bronchoscopy trainers to bone replication, and anything in between, we have a solution for you.

General Solutions

We offer a catalog of generic models for hands on training that include:

  • Airway Models
  • Bronchoscopy Trainers
  • Intubation Trainers
  • Endoscopy Trainers
  • Arthroscopy Trainers
  • Joint Injection Trainers
  • Bone Replication
  • Suturing Pads
  • Thoracocentesis Trainer
  • Dental Trainers

All of our educational models look, feel, and perform like real anatomy. Both faculty and students can manipulate these models to test implant placement, practice techniques, and build confidence to treat animals safely and more effectively

Our Bronchoscopy Model in Use

Intubation Trainer

Custom Modeling

Do you find your ability to learn or teach limited by the pathology that may or may not be found in cadavers or common anatomic models? Let’s work together!

Any educational model has limitations- even our standard models. When generic models are not good enough, it can be challenging and expensive to find a new solution.

We offer custom educational models and tools specific that improve outcomes for your students. Work with our engineers and designers to build a custom model that mimics the pathology or procedure that you want to teach to your students, in any specialty. Let us work together to integrate with your teaching curriculum.

At Med Dimensions, we don’t want to simply be a supplier to your institution. We want to partner with you and be an integral component to your teaching and learning process. Whether you are a small practice with new clinicians on staff, or a large institution looking to optimize your continuing education, we will build a solution for you.

Contact a representative at to discuss turning your vision into a three-dimensional reality.

Ribcage Replica Model

Med Dimensions Suturing Pads