Virtual or Physical Planning

Using pre-operative anatomical models can reduce OR time, dramatically. According to one study from Academic Radiology, the use of patient specific pre-operative models can reduce the time of surgery by up to 62 minutes and reduce the cost of a given surgery by $3,700! Using these models provides tremendous downstream value in any surgical facility.

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When a clinician is not sure whether they need a physical model or simply don’t have time to wait for delivery of a model, sometimes it may be necessary to virtually plan.

Med Dimensions offers both physical and virtual modeling for pre-operative planning. Through our partnership with Vent Creativity, we have the ability to sit down with a clinician and explore the anatomy remotely with a virtual 3D image on a screen. We can manipulate this anatomy to plan ideal cutting angles, implant placement, or even explore bone densities prior to surgery.

Planning Cutting Angles with Med Dimensions Models and Vent Creativity Planning

Pre-Operative Models

A surgeon feels most confident when they know what they will find in the operating room.

When doctors look at CT scans, MRIs, or X-rays, they can get a basic idea of what to expect before making their first cut. Yet, when faced with intricate or unclear situations, a two-dimensional image might not fully capture the complete understanding needed.

That’s where Med Dimensions comes in—a new idea that takes a patient’s medical image and turns it into a 3D, lifelike copy of what the surgeon will see during the operation. Not only do our models look like the real anatomy, we use materials that feel and behave like it too. Our models serve for both practice and reference before surgery, leading to time and cost savings within the operating room.

Pre-Operative Model of a Tumor on the Head of a Dog