About Us

Clinicians, surgeons, and students alike can get a general idea of what to expect in the operating room or in practice based on medical images and diagrams. However, there are always unknown variables that occur in both uncommon and routine procedures. We provide accurate anatomic solutions that students and clinicians can practice on, with tactile feedback, without the cost and cleaning requirements of cadavers. Simply put: we take two dimensional inputs to create impactful three dimensional outputs.

Med Dimensions is founded on one simple principle: taking uncertainty out of medical procedures. We believe no patient should be denied access to technologies that improve the surgical experience. We continue to work tirelessly to develop a system which gives any surgeon access to high quality, patient specific models and tools to ensure a faster and safer procedure. By combining our industry expertise with the efficiency of rapid manufacturing technologies, we are proud to offer our customers a cost effective and accuracy driven service. We’ve made it our mission to tailor our services to as diverse a range of customers as possible, human and animal, in order to have an extensive impact.

Our Leadership Team

Our company was founded by two pet-loving engineers, Sean Bellefeuille and Will Byron, from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018. A common interest in 3D printing and helping others began their friendship and soon led to the formation of an on-campus club dedicated to these two things. Through this club they designed and printed anything from anatomical models to prosthetics- for both humans and animals- free of charge to patients, who needed a solution that was unable to be found anywhere else.

Fast forward to today, helping people at an affordable cost is still at the heart of Med Dimensions.

Our team consists of professional designers, engineers, and business specialists. Every day we strive to find ways to improve the lives of surgeons, pets, and pet owners.

We have seamlessly integrated our strengths; our diversity in skills allows us to remain agile, while our shared passion for our mission allows us to focus on our common goal of making surgery safer and simpler.

Our Partners

Dr. Johnny Uday is a veterinarian based in Ecuador, specializing in patient specific 3D printed implants and guides for both human and veterinary fields.

Vent Creativity is an AI powered auto-segmentation, landmarking, and surgical planning tool for researchers and medical professionals. 

Empowering Veterinary Teams provides comprehensive veterinary training through advocacy of growth & empowerment in order to create genuine & dynamic professional environments.

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We aim to respond to all contact within 24 hours. Please reach out to us via our contact page, or email us directly at info@med-dimensions.com to speak with a representative.