Intro to Medical Automation in Grasshopper pt 1

Do you ever wonder how companies can work with medical images in CAD programs? Here is a small peak behind the scenes how we at Med Dimensions are leveraging CAD and automation tools to create the next generation of Innovative Anatomic Solutions.

Huge thanks to Gokce (Gilly) Yildirim from Vent Creativity for showing us the ropes.


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Will Artificial Intelligence Be Used in Veterinary Medicine?

The use of AI will tremendously impact the industry, especially in Medical Imaging

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way many industries operate, and veterinary medicine is no exception. The use of AI in veterinary medicine has great potential to improve animal health outcomes and assist veterinarians in making more accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions, leading to overall improvement in the way we care for our pets.

One area where AI will be of powerful use in veterinary medicine is in medical imaging. Medical imaging refers to the use of various techniques to visualize the internal structures of animals for diagnostic purposes. These techniques include X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI scans. AI can be used to analyze these images and assist veterinarians in making more efficient and accurate diagnoses.

One way AI is used in medical imaging is through computer-aided diagnosis. Theses systems use machine learning algorithms to analyze medical images and identify potential abnormalities. These systems can help veterinarians detect early signs of disease or injury that may not be visible to the naked eye. For example, a CAD system can analyze an X-ray image of a dog’s chest and identify small lung nodules that may be indicative of cancer.

AI can also be used to assist in the interpretation of more complex imaging studies such as CT and MRI scans. These studies generate large amounts of data that can be time-consuming for veterinarians to analyze manually. AI algorithms can be trained to identify specific structures within these images and provide automated measurements, such as the size of a tumor or the volume of a specific organ. This can save veterinarians time and improve the accuracy of their diagnoses.

AI can also be used to improve the quality of medical images. For example, AI algorithms can be used to reduce image noise and improve image resolution. This can result in clearer images that are easier to interpret, which can lead to more accurate diagnoses.

Since the founding of Med Dimensions, our solutions have been powered by AI and developing self-sufficient technologies for the benefit of veterinarians. Every pre-operative model, surgical cutting guide, and educational phantom that Med Dimensions produces is influenced by an AI system that is getting smarter with each project we complete!

Overall, the use of AI in veterinary medicine is rapidly evolving, and medical imaging is an area where AI can be particularly useful. By analyzing medical images and assisting veterinarians in making more accurate diagnoses, AI has the potential to improve animal health outcomes and save lives. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more applications of AI in veterinary medicine in the future.

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Triple Layer Suturing Pad Product Release

How do you place an ET when you can barely see the epiglottis? It’s not a rhetorical question; you practice!

Med Dimensions is proud to offer 2 versions of high quality suturing pads for the
teaching and learning of surgical suturing and knot tying: MD-E-0033C (3 slit) and
MD-E-0053C (5 slit). Minimum ordering quantity is five (5) units.

For anyone looking to practice intubation on a mesocephalic dog, our clinician designed and validated airway trainer has a hingeable jaw, hard teeth, soft and stretchy tongue, intact nasal cavity, and  soft epiglottis. These models can be used to place an NG tube and has exits for both trachea and epiglotis to show if the ET and NG tubes have been placed correctly.

Product Overview
This product comes in 2 versions: MD-E-0033C and MD-E-0053C.
MD-E-0033C is a triple layer suturing pad, replicating the epidermis, dermis, and
subcutaneous layers with three (3) 100 mm slits for a student to hone their
suturing skills.
MD-E-0053C is a triple layer suturing pad, replicating the epidermis, dermis, and
subcutaneous layers with five (5) slits of varying lengths for a student to hone
their suturing skills.

Key Features & Benefits
Made from a proprietary blend of silicones, these pads provide tactile simulation
similar to real anatomy, and layers are denoted with different colors. These
suturing pads have an embedded mesh to simulate the “pop feeling” associated
with suturing. Each pad arrives in a hard plastic case with non-slip feet to
increase the longevity of the pad. Additionally, the size of the pad is conveniently
low profile, so anyone can easily fit the pad in a backpack or other small bag.

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Canine Arthroscopy Trainer Product Release

Med Dimensions is proud to offer a canine arthroscopy stifle, MD-E-2000AR, with replaceable stifle joints and skin, MD-E-2000AR-1, now available for purchase.

Product Overview

MD-E-2000AR is a training model for teaching and learning arthroscopic procedures and analyzing different pathologies in a stifle, and to replace the use of cadavers in arthroscopy training. It is derived from a CT scan of the left hind limb of a medium sized dog. The model includes the LCL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar Tendon, tendon of long digital extensor, patella, and fat pad in a replaceable sealed capsule that can be used with fluid.

Key Features & Benefits

Users are able to use all forms of arthroscopic equipment, without damaging the model more than a real stifle. The ability to practice realistic arthroscopy without the need of cadavers. The femur and tibia are 3D printed in resin to increase longevity, and is anchored to a based at the proximal end of the femur. The joint space can show different diseases/pathological issues, meniscal tears, OCD, CCL tears, and more.

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Standard Feline Intubation Trainers Product Release

Med Dimensions is proud to offer a standard feline intubation trainer, MD-E-0002SF, and a standard feline intubation trainer with an NG patch, MD-E-0022SF, now available for purchase

Product Overview

MD-E-0002SF is a model of a cat head, derived from a CT scan with a nasal cavity, teeth, epiglottis, and pharynx. It has user serviceable replacement jaws and tongue, and has calico cat coloring.

MD-E-0022SF is a model including all of the above, with the addition of a user serviceable replacement nose patch to hold suture for NG tube placement.

Key Features & Benefits

This model has a flexible jaw to allow for practice opening the mouth, and removable teeth. The tongue is textured, with clinician validated elasticity, with anatomically accurate landmarks. This model is threaded to fit any standard tripod, or be free standing. Additional custom options include: ability to be split in half for educational purposes, adjustable suction cup mount.

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Canine Stifle Product Release

Med Dimensions is proud to offer a canine stifle, MD-E-2000, now available for purchase.

Product Overview

This product is a model of a left hind limb, derived from real CT scans to provide as close to real anatomy as possible. The model includes LCL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar Tendon, and Tendon of Ider constructs. It is a replica of a small/medium canine, roughly a 15-20kg dog, and is 8.5 inches long.

Key Features & Benefits

The ligaments are constructed of a blend of silicone that allows for proper constricted motion of the joint, as verified by leading veterinarians. The partial tibia and femur is 3D printed in a filament that is ideal for cutting and drilling practice. The silicone ligaments will hold suture, and are secured within the bone- not glued on- to prevent premature ripping of the ligaments from the insertion sites. The bone holds anchors, buttons, plates, and screws, providing tactile feedback to the user and ideal for demonstrations.

Purchasing Information

Order a Canine Stifle

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Featured: Innovative Minds in Veterinary Medicine- Dr. Adam Christman

1) When did you know you wanted to be a veterinarian and what fueled that decision? 

Since I was 5 years young. I’ve always been fascinated by science, nature and dogs. I even started my own dog walking business when I was in 5th grade- a young entrepreneur!  But it really was intended for me to understand dog behaviors, breeds and really get immersed in their understanding.  When my parents took our family dog “Archie” to the veterinarian, I knew right then that was my calling.  The ability to help animals heal and provide a voice to the voiceless resonated with me at an early age.

2) You’ve got quite the following on social media and host an excellent veterinary focused program. How did you get to this point?

 I. DON’T. KNOW! I still find it fascinating that people are connected to me and my content. I love it and am truly humbled with gratitude and appreciation. The more awareness and education we can bring to everyone, the happier the world can be- and I truly mean that. My platform is all about teaching kindness and it starts by providing unconditional love to another species. I know when the pandemic hit, my colleagues were getting hammered with appointments and questions. I wanted to help out as much as possible and figured elevating my Tik Tok voice further by hosting daily live streams would help. Low and behold, the amount of messages I received both from veterinary professionals and pet parents was incredible. “Thank you for putting my mind at peace.  I brought my dog in right away as I didn’t know it was an emergency.”  Those kinds of messages really fueled me to continue to post educational and fun content.  As many of my followers and students know, I love to teach and laugh at the same time. I believe it’s the perfect secret sauce for valuable education.

3) With DVM360, you see so many great companies and products come through trade shows and conferences. What do you think separates the great ones from those who have failed over the years? 

Supporting veterinary education will help any company put its mark on the map. And I’m not talking about a sales pitch but rather true meaningful education. Regardless if the content is medical versus non-medical, providing a fun, innovative and inclusive atmosphere of veterinary professionals coming together to learn some valuable and practical takeaways is a home-run of success. As we all know, knowledge is power and if a company invests heavily in the veterinary professional’s education, they will see the “why”, ‘what”, “how” and ultimately the “who”. Invest in us and your ROI will be achieved.

4) What do you see as the future of veterinary medicine? Where do you see “dvm360® LIVE!” progressing to over the next few years?

Well that’s a loaded question and a very complicated one but the future of veterinary medicine is bright and strong. We are a resilient and adaptive profession, as recently noted by the pandemic. We know we stronger together and celebrating each other’s differences helps for greater outcomes.We certainly have our flaws but we are owning them and doing something about them. We will continue to move the needle for DEI, mental health awareness and student loan debt. There will be a strong push for virtual care, mentorship and a team-based approach to learning (incorporating all departments of the veterinary team to continuing education). There will be a much greater demand for veterinarians both large and small and a need to make their education cost effective. I have a lot more to say but you’ll have to stay tune and follow me as I have a very strong idea on certain trends that are coming in the very short term of the profession.

Who knows where dvm360® LIVE! will take me and our team! But we are buckled in and enjoy the incredible ride we are on with the great feedback we are receiving from colleagues and more specifically, veterinary students! They are LOVING the fact that they get to see veterinary professionals doing great work both in and out of the exam room. It was really important for me personally to showcase the fun side of what we do. We wear many hats in our lives and being a veterinarian is just one of the many hats that we wear. Season One showed to us that we are bakers, gardeners, singers, dancers and artists. I can’t think of a better veterinary show that truly celebrates the individual. I always thank my guests for being in our profession. We truly have some of the most incredible people in our profession who happen to be superheroes known as veterinarians. 

5) To be a veterinarian and have your role with DVM360 has got to be difficult to balance. What does your day to day look like and how do you stay on top of it?

 I like to compare this analogy to practicing full time in my small animal practice—it often feels like I am in 5 exam rooms at the same time with open invoices and no records completely written up! It’s a very busy day with appeasing many different kinds of people. As a practicing veterinarian, you’re mostly concerned with caring for clients and their pets. As a veterinarian in multimedia and continuing education, you’re concerned with your colleagues, organizations and lots and lots of companies.  It is a lot of work but a lot of fun. Having a great team to support me on my crazy ideas (and yes some of them are truly outside of the litterbox ideas) that start in the board room and go out into action is truly remarkable. I still get to do private practice as I think it is so so important to stay sharp and relevant on the latest in veterinary medicine. I enjoy implementing what I learn from the conferences and client calls into action.

6) What drives you to be successful and be the best veterinarian that you can be?

My family. I have the most supportive husband I could ever ask for. Chris is someone who gets me and is there for me through all of it. My dogs are my “why”. I say this in a lot of my speaking events how important it is to turn off the doctor hat and put on the pet parent hat. I get on the floor with the dachshunds and be silly, goofy and fun. It helps recenter my why of what we do as veterinarians every day. The human-animal bond is a sacred bond that I cherish and protect closely to my heart. I also had the most supportive parents anyone could ask for. My best friends happen to be both my mom and dad who are no longer with me unfortunately. I always wondered what they would have thought of my next chapter in my career now that I’m in multimedia and continuing education. My mom used to tell me I was born with a microphone and a stethoscope so I think they knew where I was heading!

7) What do you do in your spare time, if you have any?

I love, love working out. It’s my true mental health break. I’m very passionate about fitness as many of you who follow me know. There are days I would love to sleep in and do nothing. But I force myself to wake up at 4:30am to start my gym morning and know how crucial it is to be the best employee, husband, dog father, friend and mentor I can be every day. 

I’m equally passionate about music. Music is my life and therapy. I enjoy it whether it be on Broadway, in my car or at home. That’s probably why I got so hooked on Tik Tok! The music brought me there!

Chris and I love Disney. Walt Disney always said, “Getting old is mandatory, but growing up isn’t.”  And we are truly kids at heart. Life is way way too short to take yourself too seriously. I enjoy making others laugh and feel good about themselves. I want my legacy to be how fun, inspirational and motivating I am to others. There’s enough toxic “things” out in this world today. I want to surround myself with those that love to laugh, learn and love animals. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for!

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Double Layer Suturing Pads Product Release

Med Dimensions is proud to offer 2 versions of high quality suturing pads for the teaching and learning of surgical suturing and knot tying: MD-E-0033B (3 slit) and MD-E-0053B (5 slit). Minimum ordering quantity is five (5) units.

Product Overview

This product comes in 2 versions: MD-E-0033B and MD-E-0053B.

MD-E-0033B is a double layer suturing pad, replicating the dermal and subcutaneous layers with three (3) 100 mm slits for a student to hone their suturing skills.

MD-E-0053B is a double layer suturing pad, replicating the dermal and subcutaneous layers with five (5) slits of varying lengths for a student to hone their suturing skills.

Key Features & Benefits

Made from a proprietary blend of silicones, these pads provide tactile simulation similar to real anatomy, and layers are denoted with different colors. These suturing pads have an embedded mesh to simulate the “pop feeling” associated with suturing. Each pad arrives in a hard plastic case with non-slip feet to increase the longevity of the pad. Additionally, the size of the pad is conveniently low profile, so anyone can easily fit the pad in a backpack or other small bag.

Purchasing Information

3 Slit Suturing Pad, Double Layered

5 Slit Suturing Pad, Double Layered

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Med Dimensions Garners “Pet Start Up of the Year” Award In 2022 Pet Independent Innovation Awards Program

Annual Awards Program Recognizes Top Companies, Services and Products Within the Global Pet Industry

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Featured: Innovative Minds in Vet Med- Megan Sprinkle

Med Dimensions sits down with Dr. Megan Sprinkle, veterinarian and host of the Vet Life Reimagined Podcast.

When did you know you were going to be a veterinarian? I’m one of those veterinarians who loved animals from a very young age and dreamed of working with them. I wanted to be the Jane Goodall of dolphins. My father told my mother, “let her swim with the dolphins once and get it out of her system.” Each animal experience fueled my interest and curiosity, so I did not “get it out” so to say. 🙂 

What challenges have you been able to overcome in your career? 

Probably like most people, there have been many challenges along my career journey. From the very beginning, I had school counselors try to deter me from veterinary medicine, especially working with exotic animals. I had to be proactive in seeking experiences, staying curious, asking questions, finding mentorship even in small doses. One challenge was understanding that it’s okay to evolve my interests and explore new things. When I hit challenges in zoo medicine, I explored other interests and found that I really enjoyed different paths in veterinary medicine like small animal nutrition. Another challenge I’ve run across multiple times is avoiding the narrow perception of “veterinarian” from others. A veterinarian can do so many things and still be a veterinarian. Don’t let someone’s lack of knowledge define how you live out your veterinary life!

You’re the host of an awesome podcast- tell us about how that started and how you see it progressing in the future? 

While I wasn’t the earliest adopter of podcasts, I’ve been a podcast enthusiast since before 2020. I dreamed of starting my own podcast and started studying how to do it. Hopefully, my previous answers have shown my passion for career pathing and being creative and curious in the field. Also being a veterinarian in industry, I have many veterinary professionals ask me about other career options outside of clinics. The microphone that my sweet husband gave me shows up in Zoom calls, so I had a group whom I was teaching ask me about the “fancy” microphone. I said I was trying to start a podcast and told them my idea for a podcast that demonstrates all the different things people could do in the veterinary profession. I was met with such enthusiasm that it was the exact encouragement I needed to get started. 

You have a connection to 3D printing. How did you get involved in that and how do you see that platform growing? 

Back in 2019, a coworker convinced my husband to get a 3D printer. Mike’s natural figure-it-out skills had him quickly learning the art of 3D printing. In fact, our wedding decor, including cupcake toppers, were 3D printed by him using a single Monoprice mini 3D printer. He loved how it could be an outlet for creativity used both for fun and functional items. About a year later, Mike hit a huge wall of burn out from his IT career. Interestingly, one of the specific feelings he voiced was a loss of “creativity”. We sat and discussed how he could do more of what helped him feel creative and joyful. I believe that helping others is a great way to find gratitude and joy. Mike mentioned that he saw a lot of 3D printers put up for sale on Facebook Marketplace with descriptions like “Barely used; I couldn’t figure it out.” or “didn’t have time to learn it.” This frustrated Mike because he enjoyed 3D printing so much and believed people could learn with a little guidance. So, we started making YouTube videos to teach people how to 3D print. When I was convinced to go to the Veterinary Innovation Summit in August of 2021, I saw a booth for 3D printing, I was excited to find something that combined my veterinary background and 3D printing, which I had seen bring so much joy to my husband. It’s exciting when two worlds of joy meet – all striving to help people and animals. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Mike and I recently moved to Savannah, so right now spare time is unpacking boxes, but I wanted to move to Savannah to be closer to the ocean, so I hope to spend more time walking the beach. I’m an avid learner, so I’m usually listening to podcasts and reading in every moment of spare time. I also feel the benefits of fitness, so I incorporate exercise daily into my morning routine. Some of my favorites are kickboxing and jogging on the treadmill with some fun music blasting in my headphones.  

Do you have a favorite animal you like to work with or is it too difficult to choose? 

One of my favorite veterinary moments was working with elephants in Zambia with the Elephant Orphanage Project. Spending large amounts of time with these animals, especially as babies was very rewarding. I admire their playful curiosity and the way they work together and care for each other. Hopefully, I will be able to spend time with elephants again in the future. 

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