Canine Joint Injection – Pelvic Limb


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Improve your hip and stifle joint injection skills with the Canine Joint Injection Training Model. This realistic training model is designed to help veterinarians, students, and aspiring practitioners refine their technique and build confidence.


  • Realistic canine pelvic limb anatomy: Practice injections on a lifelike replica, including the femur, ligaments, and cartilaginous structures.
  • Wet joint capsule: Feel the “give” of a real joint with the simulated synovial fluid, confirming proper needle placement.
  • Realistic range of motion: Practice injecting in various positions, just like you would with a live animal.


  • Master joint injection technique: Gain the accuracy and confidence you need to provide optimal care for your patients.
  • Reduce training costs: Invest in a durable model that will last for years, eliminating the need for live animals.
  • Improve patient outcomes: Accurate injections minimize discomfort and ensure proper medication delivery.

Ready to take your joint injection skills to the next level? Order your Canine Joint Injection Training Model today!

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