Canine Pericardiocentesis Economy



Introducing the Economy Canine Pericardiocentesis Training Model – Your Essential Tool for Mastering the basics of Pericardiocentesis Procedures in Canines!

The Economy Canine Pericardiocentesis Training Model is a state-of-the-art training tool designed to provide veterinary professionals with a highly realistic and cost-effective means to master the essential skill of pericardiocentesis in canines. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this training model offers a safe, effective, and true-to-life experience that allows practitioners to refine their technique and build confidence before performing this crucial procedure on live animals.

Key Features:

  • Ultrasoundable Model: Our training model is specially designed to be ultrasoundable, allowing veterinarians to practice using ultrasound guidance during pericardiocentesis procedures. This feature enhances the realism of the training experience and prepares practitioners for real-life scenarios where ultrasound guidance is often utilized.
  • Liquid-Fillable Pericardial Sac: The pericardial sac of the model can be filled with liquid, providing a realistic representation of the pericardial effusion that veterinarians encounter in clinical settings. Trainees can experience the tactile sensation of fluid removal, making it an invaluable tool for mastering this critical procedure.
  • Self-Healing Material: We understand the importance of repetitive practice when learning complex procedures. Our training model is constructed with self-healing material, ensuring it can endure near unlimited use without compromising its integrity. This feature provides exceptional durability, offering long-lasting value for veterinary institutions and individual practitioners.
  • Accommodates a Wide Range of Needle Gauges: The model is designed to accommodate a wide range of needle gauges, allowing practitioners to practice with different sizes commonly used in pericardiocentesis procedures. This versatility ensures that veterinarians can adapt their skills to various clinical scenarios.

Whether you are a veterinary student, a practicing veterinarian, or a veterinary technician, the Economy Canine Pericardiocentesis Training Model is an invaluable tool to enhance your skills and proficiency in this critical procedure. With its ultrasound compatibility, liquid-fillable pericardial sac, and self-healing material, this training model will undoubtedly become an indispensable asset in your professional development.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 4 in


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