Exotic Intubation Kit


Exotic Intubation Kit


The Med Dimensions Exotic Intubation Kit combines our Macaw, Cockatoo, and Rabbit trainers into one cost-effective solution. Practice on true-to-life avian and lagomorph models, gaining precision and confidence for flawless intubations in your daily practice.


  • Realistic Anatomy: CT-derived models replicate delicate avian and rabbit airways for accurate skill development.
  • Lifelike Feel: Experience realistic tissue resistance and hinging jaws, mimicking live animal intubation.
  • User-Friendly Design: Clear landmarks and visual guides ensure smooth training for all skill levels.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on live animal training with this reusable and durable kit.
  • Portable: Compact and lightweight design for convenient use anywhere.

Invest in your skills. Order your Exotic Intubation Kit today and deliver exceptional care to your exotic patients.

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