Economy Feline Intubation Trainer


Intubation Trainer- Feline (MD-E-0002F)

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Master feline intubation with our realistic 3D printed trainer.


  • Anatomically accurate: Replicates a real feline larynx using real CT scans for precise training.
  • Palpable realism: Mimics the feel of a real larynx for accurate manipulation with fingers, tubes, or laryngoscope.
  • Immediate feedback: Provides visual and tactile feedback to refine your intubation skills.
  • Durable and reusable: Withstands countless practice sessions without wearing down.


  • Confidently intubate feline patients: Gain the skills and experience to handle feline intubation procedures.
  • Reduce reliance on cadavers: Practice on a realistic trainer, eliminating the need for animal storage.
  • Improve student learning: Provide veterinary students with a valuable training tool for mastering intubation.

Ready to take your feline intubation skills to the next level? Order your trainer today!

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