Rabbit Intubation Standard


Rabbit Intubation Trainer

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The Rabbit Intubation Trainer is your key to mastering lagomorph intubation. This lifelike simulator replicates the unique anatomy of rabbits, providing you with a realistic and hands-on training experience.


  • Lifelike lagomorph anatomy: Replicates the unique airway features of rabbits for realistic training.
  • Palpable landmarks: Feel the resistance of the tongue, trachea, and upper lip for accurate intubation practice.
  • Visual cues: Clear anatomical markings guide your every step.


  • Build confidence: Gain hands-on experience before treating live rabbits.
  • Improve skills: Master essential intubation techniques in a safe environment.
  • Enhance patient care: Provide rabbits with the best possible care by honing your skills.

Invest in your veterinary skillset and your patients’ well-being. Order your Rabbit Intubation Trainer today!

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