Canine Radius & Ulna Left


Canine Radius & Ulna Left MD-E-C0044L

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Introducing the VetBones series of Left Canine Radii & Ulnas, the newest tactile canine bone training model on the market.

Key Features:

  1. Derived from CT scans of a medium-sized canine for unparalleled realism and accuracy.
  2. Cuts and drills like real bone, providing users with a realistic surgical experience.
  3. Can hold anchors, buttons, plates, and screws, making it ideal for practicing and demonstrating a wide range of orthopedic procedures.
  4. Provides tactile feedback that is essential for developing and refining surgical skills.
  5. Ideal for teaching and demonstrating orthopedic procedures to students and colleagues.

Canine Radius & Ulna Left is the perfect training model for veterinary surgeons, orthopedic residents, and veterinary students who want to develop and refine their surgical skills in a realistic and controlled environment.

Invest in your professional growth and mastery of canine orthopedic surgery with VetBones line of the Left Canine Radius & Ulna. Order yours today!

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