Canine Vet Tech Kit


Canine Vet Tech Kit (Brachecephalic Intubation, Canine Jugular Access, Canine Cephalic Venipuncture)


Master essential canine procedures with the Canine Vet Tech Kit!

This all-in-one training bundle equips you to confidently handle three crucial vet tech skills:

  • Jugular access: Practice needle insertion and blood draws with our lifelike jugular vein model.
  • Intubation: Hone your skills on both standard and brachycephalic canine airway replicas.
  • Cephalic venipuncture: Master blood collection from the front leg with our realistic vein and skin simulation.


  • Boost confidence: Refine your technique before working with live animals.
  • Improve patient care: Provide smoother, faster procedures for happier pups.
  • Advance your career: Be prepared for any canine challenge with versatile skills.

This comprehensive kit is perfect for:

  • Veterinary students seeking hands-on practice
  • Vet techs honing their existing skills
  • Clinics looking to elevate their training program

Invest in your future and your furry patients. Order your Canine Vet Tech Kit today!

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