Canine Emergency Neck Access Kit


Canine Emergency Neck Access Kit (Cric & Jug)


Act fast, save lives: Canine Emergency Neck Access Kit. Master essential skills for vascular and airway access, ensuring confident action when seconds count.

This kit combines two lifelike trainers:

  • Canine Jugular Access Trainer: Practice needle insertion and blood draws in a realistic neck environment.
  • Canine Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Access Trainer: Hone your skills for emergency airway creation with palpable landmarks and replaceable components.


  • Boost confidence: Face emergencies head-on with refined skills practiced in a safe setting.
  • Improve patient care: Provide faster, smoother access for quicker stabilization and recovery.
  • Save lives: Be equipped to handle critical situations and make a real difference.
  • Versatile training: Master both vascular and airway access in one convenient kit.

No vet should be without this essential training tool. Order your Canine Emergency Neck Access Kit today and be ready for anything!

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