Canine Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Access Trainer


Canine Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Access Trainer


Elevate your emergency preparedness and hone your canine cricothyrotomy and tracheostomy skills with the Canine Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Access Trainer. This lifelike training model replicates the crucial anatomical landmarks and feel of a canine’s neck, preparing you for every scenario.Features:

  • Accurate Anatomy: Experience realistic skin, muscle, and tracheal structures for precise technique development.
  • Palpable Landmarks: Feel the cricoid cartilage and trachea with lifelike resistance, mimicking real-world procedures.
  • Long-Lasting and Replaceable Components: Practice with confidence knowing the veins, skin, and cricoid cartilage are built to endure repeated insertions and punctures, and can be easily replaced when needed.
  • Rotatable Skin: Extend the life of the trainer by rotating the skin for multiple fresh practice site.


  • Boost Confidence: Approach emergency situations with calm certainty, knowing you’ve practiced on a realistic model.
  • Improve Patient Care: Provide faster, smoother airway access for critically ill canines.
  • Refine Technique: Master the delicate balance of pressure and precision in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Enhance Training: Elevate your veterinary education with a portable, cost-effective solution.

Ready to be a canine airway hero? Order your Canine Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Access Trainer today and face any emergency with confidence!

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